My viewing distance is 7” and I’m looking for the best size 4k HDR tv. We occasionally hear from people wishing they'd chosen a bigger TV screen, but rarely the opposite. Calculate how enormous a TV the experts say you need! ⬆ The Ideal Viewing Distance based on Visual Acuity. (Note: sitting closer to the screen results in a wider field-of-view.) THX requires that the back row of seats in a theater have at least a 26 degree viewing angle and recommends a 36 degree viewing angle. Seating distance for the best picture: 1080p vs. 4K. THX Viewing Distance Calculator for Home Theatre Projectors. Posted by Scott Davies on 13 Aug, 2015. Probably the best data on 4K viewing distances is from NHK. Viewing Distance (in Feet): **Recommended Screen Size** NHK: SMPTE: THX: Want to know the logic behind the numbers? Well THX have some guidelines to help determine the ideal screen size from a set seating position. I can see the difference easily in flipping BJ’s, for gosh sakes. SMPTE and THX screen widths: Based on the viewing distance supplied to the calculator, these are the minimum screen widths required to meet the SMPTE and THX recommendations discussed above. It’s no comparison. Chris Ostertag. There is no comparison to 4k content on a 4k TV and 1080p content on a 1080p TV at ANY reasonable viewing distance. Read more posts by this author. SMPTE recommends that the farthest viewing angle is at 30 degrees, and to create your viewing distance, calculate the screen diagonal in inches and divide by 0.6. For 1080p HDTVs, we suggest a viewing distance between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 times the screen size. The answer is the ideal viewing distance, in inches, at a 30-degree viewing angle. The problem here is that there are a number of different tables produced by manufacturers, retailers and industry bodies like SMPTE or THX. Go with the largest screen your room, viewing distance, and budget will accommodate. Where You Should Sit. Read on. Chris Ostertag. Home Theatre > Design. I understand the full benefits of sitting closer to appreciate 4k but we are talking a top notch 49inch tv with so many features compared to a less advanced 55inch. Here’s the results … THX recommends that the back row of seats in a theater have a 36 degree or greater viewing angle and requires a minimum of a 26 degree or greater viewing angle to receive certification. THX has a similar formula, but THX believes the ideal distance from the screen is closer than what SMPTE says. To calculate the best viewing distance for your TV, what you really need is a set of tables so you can check your TV's diagonal screen size and resolution, thus quickly working out how far away you need to sit. Anyone who can’t see the difference…well, they need their eyes checked. 8 Jan 2013. Quite often we are asked by our customers "What size projector screen should I install in my home theatre?" 4K TV Screen Size Calculator. Came across this great tv that comes in 49inch which cost just as much for a 55inch.