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September 1, 2011 - A Pilot program of the Crawford the Cat lesson plans will be launched this Fall with Pike Township Schools, in Indianapolis. Results of the study will be used to improve the Crawford the Cat lessons plans and programming.



July 5, 2011 - Red Bow Tie, Inc., the exclusive licensor for Crawford the Cat, will soon release 13 lessons plans for each of the 13 Crawford the Cat 5-minute videos currently available at The lessons plans were developed with Dr. Laura Black, Ed.D. and meet the National Health Education Standards.

“We are committed to ensuring that the health and wellness lessons that Crawford the Cat provide meet or exceed the National Health Education Standards,” said Michael Ruggiero, the Chairman of Red Bow Tie, LLC. “An extensive effort by Dr. Laura Black, Ed.D., our education and curriculum development consultant, and Russ Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Red Bow Tie, Inc., have achieved these standards.”


June 19, 2011 - Crawford the Cat videos, lesson plans with assessment activity sheets are now available on the NEW Crawford the Cat e-store available exclusively at Check out the specials today!



May 12, 2011 - Crawford the Cat was introduced to 600-plus teachers and administrators at the Magnet Schools Association of America Conference in May in Indianapolis. The Crawford the Cat booth was staffed by representatives of Red Bow Tie, LLC, the exclusive licensor for Crawford the Cat, and Dr. Laura Black, Ed.D., of San Diego.

“The Magnet Schools Association of America Conference provided valuable direct interaction with teachers and administrators from across the country about Crawford the Cat and to learn of the potential needs that we can serve in the magnet school market,” said Michael Ruggiero, the Chairman of Red Bow Tie, LLC.



March 11, 2011 - Laura Jean Black, Ed.D., of San Diego, has been engaged by the Red Bow Tie, Inc., to contibute educational curriculum contentt. Dr. Black spent 20 years as both a teacher and an administrator and previously was the Director of Parent Relations at the University of San Diego.

“Dr. Black provides valuable knowledge and experience to the Red Bow Tie team that enhances our early childhood education curriculum,” said Michael Ruggiero, the Chairman of Red Bow Tie, Inc. “She has been a very positive contributor to the development of the Crawford the Cat Lesson Plans and engaging with teachers and administrators across the country.!”

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